Friday, November 04, 2005


Gray is usually a safe design color. It's neutral, flexible and reliable. Shades of gray can be used elegantly to illustrate time and procession. However, Yahoo! Mail's chose a value of gray (F8F8F8) that does not provide enough contrast to distinguish between read and unread mail.

Personally, I use Yahoo! Mail to filter my emails from various personal brands. As you might expect, my user's interface is customized according to brand. Experimentalmedia>Blue, Artsy> Orange, etc... It does not matter which color scheme template I use because they all use this gray.

Anybody out there know someone at Yahoo! that can change this shade of gray?

update 1/21/2006- Ok, I know Yahoo has been really busy acquiring the best of the web (flickr, upcoming, but change the photos on the Yahoo Mail login. It's winter for chrissake! We do not need to be reminded that summer is long gone.


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